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> On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 5:11 PM SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:
>> So boQwI' has tags that mean "transitive because I say so" and
>> "transitive in canon"? wejpuH.
> The tag is written out as "This verb can probably take a direct object." I
> assume that in cases where canon doesn't confirm one way or another, De'vID
> relies on the transitivity of the English gloss.
> None of *joke, make a joke,* or *tell a joke* seem transitive to me.
I'd accept "joke" as transitive with "that" as the direct object: "He joked
that the captain looked like a targ." That's the same way I'd expect a
transitive usage of *qID* to work: *targh rur HoD 'e' qID.*

(Apparently there are some archaic transitive usages of "joke" in the sense
of "to kid" or "to play a joke on", but I don't think the Klingon works
with that meaning.)
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