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I've got nothing concrete either, but I think I have the two occassions where it is used in the game.

http://www.tlhingan.at/Misc/KCD_SOS_TAJ/mother_kill.mp4 <- one of the wrong choices, if you accuse your (poq's) mother (of killing your father), she'll offer her knife and tell you to use it. I don't think she's a warrior, so it's likely the SoS taj.

http://www.tlhingan.at/Misc/KCD_SOS_TAJ/mother_threaten.mp4 <- poq's mother threatens Vok (enemy of the house of SepIch), using a knife - it's not clear where it's from, but I assume it is her knife, not his.

I apologize for the mediocre quality, but for some reason my video editor refused to process these files, so I had to cut and recode using VLC. Also, the source is REALLY bad.



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This was a term which was used in the Klingon CD game somewhere.

Does anyone have any more information on this? Is it a special type of
knife carried only by (or especially associated with) mothers? What does it
look like?

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