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Klingon word: tlhach
Part of speech: noun
Definition: faction, sect

(HQ 4.4:11 "Groups"):  Some additional information has come to light regarding words relating to groups or assemblies. Among those words already well-known for different types of groups are: {boq} alliance (also bloc or coalition, though coalition is sometimes {boq ru'}, literally "temporary alliance"); {DIvI'} federation or organization (also association, league, union); {ghom} group or party (also band, in the nonmusical sense); … (also {ghom'a'} crowd). Add to this list: {tlhach} faction or sect.

N.B. {tlhach} was NOT used in translating SkyBox Card 26: 
ngoQvam luchavmeH ghawran maghpu' be'nI'pu'. woQ luSuqmeH jIjpu' chaH
  romuluSngan'e' je. 
To this end, the sisters have acted against Gowron, going as far as to work with
  Romulan factions in order to gain power. (S26)

tlhach mu'mey  		argot,  jargon (n) KGT

(KGT 45-46):  Practitioners of a great many activities have developed specialized vocabulary or uses of words in order to label the tools of their trade or to express subtle distinctions. Such specialized language is known in Klingon as {tlhach mu'mey} (literally, "faction words"). A good Federation Standard equivalent would be argot or jargon. Interestingly, some fairly common words in Klingon began as {tlhach mu'mey} and then, over time, spread to general usage, often with altered meanings. In some instances, the words and phrases associated with a particular activity or group are known throughout Klingon society. For example, knowledge of the language of warfare is fairly widespread, as might be expected given that the most striking characteristic of the Klingon Empire is that it is a warrior society. Similarly, terminology associated with food is well known. On the other hand, much specialized vocabulary pertaining to other endeavors remains practically unused except by experts in the particular fields (though most well-educated Klingons probably are familiar with it). While it is not possible to go into every aspect of the various Klingon subcultures here, some examples of the {tlhach mu'mey} associated with certain fields are presented below. Even if a visitor never engages in any of these activities directly, understanding these words is a good way to gain a more complete comprehension of Klingon culture. At the very least, these words are always useful for showing off.

  As part of the Temporal Cold War, the Suliban were staging random attacks in the Klingon Empire, making it appear that the various Klingon factions  were turning against each other which would lead to chaos within the Empire. (ENT "Broken Bow, Pt. II)

tuq 			house, tribe (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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