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On 5/1/2019 2:55 PM, SuStel wrote:
>> Thirdly, {maS SaqmeH Qu’} is ungrammatical because you can’t put a 
>> verb in the middle of a noun-noun possessive construction.
> Says who? *SaqmeH Qu'* is a noun phrase, and noun phrases can count as 
> the "noun" parts of a noun-noun construction. Are you saying that if I 
> have a *pe'meH taj*/cutting knife, /I can't talk about the *jonwI' 
> pe'meH taj*/engineer's cutting knife/?
Here's another unambiguous counterexample:

*loS... qIb HeHDaq, 'u' SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh lenglu'meH He 
ghoSlu'bogh retlhDaq 'oHtaH.
*/It waits... on the edge of the galaxy, beside a passage to unknown 
regions of the universe/ (SkyBox 99)

The interesting part is *He ghoSlu'bogh retlhDaq*/beside a passage, next 
to a way which one follows./ Here you have clearly have *He 
ghoSlu'bogh*/passage, way which one follows/ modifying *retlhDaq* /at 
the area next to/, where a verb comes between the component nouns.

And of course there's the infamous *romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh 
nejwI'* /Romulan hunter-killer probe,/ a device made by Romulans, not 
one which hunts and kills Romulans. A noun-noun construction where one 
of the component noun phrases is *Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'.* Clearly, 
you can put a lot of non-nouns between terms in a noun-noun construction.


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