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> If that mission happens at the moon, it is 

> a maSDaq SaqmeH Qu' landing mission 

> on the moon. The locative is added to the 

> verb as usual.

If I understand your analysis correctly, the {maSDaq} refers to the {SaqmeH Qu'}.

Isn't it strange though ?

Lets take just the phrase {maSDaq SaqmeH Qu' wa'DIch HochHom turlu'taHvIS}

Couldn't we understand this too, as the {maSDaq} describing the place where the {turlu'taHvIS} takes place ?

If the intent was for the {maSDaq} to refer to the {SaqmeH Qu'}, instead of the {turlu'taHvIS}, why not omit the {-Daq} altogether ?

Then we would have {maS SaqmeH Qu'} meaning "landing mission of the moon", which I can't *feel* any different from "landing mission on the moon".

Having the {-Daq}ed noun referring to the {-meH}ed noun, just messes me up, is all..

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