[tlhIngan Hol] Is DIn the opposite of qa'rI' ?

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Fri Mar 29 01:11:55 PDT 2019

On Thu, 28 Mar 2019 at 14:52, Will Martin <willmartin2 at mac.com> wrote:

> If you are in a corridor, tunnel, conduit, jeffries tube, sewer, road,
> bridge, long field, etc. and you point to that transitional location that
> would take you outside the bounds of that named place you are in, you are
> pointing to the {qa’rI’}.

Technically, this is true only for the narrow end of long fields. The longs
sides are also transitional locations, but {qa'rI'} only ever refers to the
narrow sides.

> If you are outside of the corridor, tunnel, jeffries tube, or sewer,
> pointing to the transitional location that would take you into that named
> space, you’d be pointing to a {DIn}. Does {DIn} work for the transitional
> area to a road, bridge, or long field? Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn’t think
> so.

Why not? Is there any reason to believe one way or another?

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