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Klingon word: maj
Part of speech: excl
Definition: good (expressing satisfaction)

(KGT 120):  The Klingon word {maj} is an exclamation expressing satisfaction, generally translated as simply "good", and functioning as a sentence in its own right.

(KGT 159-61):  The word {qu'} may also be used as an exclamation (Great! Wonderful!). In this sense, it seems to be interchangeable with {chong} (literally, "be vertical"; see page 148). […]  Nonslang verbs expressing similar ideas are … an exclamation, {maj!} (Good!).

(Lieven, 11/14/2015):  Besides the verb {tlho'}, remember the scene in DSN where a Klingon is given a glass of bloodwine and answers with {maj}. That's also a typical Klingon way to say thank you like humans do.

Good. STK

maj.  'ej... 
Good. [And...?]  ST5

maj ram  
Good night! (greeting) KGT (cf. pp. 119-20)

maj, ngaj ram 
Good, the night is short. KGT (cf. pp. 119-20)

maj, nI' ram 
Good, the night is long. KGT (cf. pp. 119-20)

maj po  
Good morning! (greeting) (TNK)

  "I have heard some, including myself, simply say maj while going for a good warrior grasp on the arm for a Klingon 'handshake'." (DloraH)

majQa'  	Well done!  Very good! (excl)

Well done! (DS9 "Blood Oath")

During the first airing of DS9 "A Time To Stand" in October 1997, there was a commercial for Playmate's Star Trek "Strike Force" toy ships in which a boy in Klingon make-up and Starfleet uniform enthused, "MAKH-kwa" [sic!], subtitled "Cool!" 

QaQ 		be good (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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