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> although {-Ha'} has been seen coming after other suffixes in canon. (I
>> don’t remember the exact skybox card offhand.)
> {tuQmoHHa'}? That's from HolQeD 2:4 (and probably an error).

It was probably an error, although that sort of thing was later retconned
into being a rhetorical/slang/poetical usage:


A problem comes in because some of these forms (that is, some of these verb
> + suffix combinations) are so common, they seem to, in the minds of some
> Klingons anyway, act as if they were simply verb and not verb + suffix at
> all. This seems to happen only when the suffix in question is -moH "cause."
> Maltz reports having heard both quv'eghmoH "he/she honors him/herself,"
> which follows the expected order (verb-Type 1-Type 4: quv "be honored,"
> -'egh "oneself," -moH "cause") as well as the weird quvmoH'egh "he/she
> honors him/herself," in which the Type 1 suffix -'egh "oneself" follows the
> Type 4 suffix -moH "cause," an impossible formation unless the speaker is
> considering the verb to be quvmoH "honor" and not quv "be honored."
> Speakers who do this seem to be aware that they are breaking the rules, so
> they are doing it for rhetorical effect. (It has the same sort of feeling,
> perhaps, as if someone were to say in English "Don't cellular phone me this
> afternoon" or "I've been postnasal dripping all morning" or "It's
> lightninging and thundering outside" or, to follow the Klingon example,
> "He/she self-honors.") If this sort of thing happens a lot, maybe, in time,
> the language will undergo some sort of reformation; maybe -moH will become
> a Rover. Or quvmoH and similar forms will become simple (though
> two-syllable) verbs. But neither is the case yet, and while some speakers
> of Klingon may treat them as such, the wisest course is to leave such
> things to the poets and keep -moH in its Type 4 position.
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