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Klingon Word of the Day for Monday, March 25, 2019

Klingon word: 'Internet
Part of speech: noun
Definition: the internet

(De’vId, 12/02/2015):  At the 2014 qepHom, Marc Okrand said that Maltz insisted that {'Internet} is a Klingon word when he asked him about it.

(MO, qepHom 2012 [via De'vID 11/22/2012]):  Maltz said that the primitive computer systems used by Terrans are very different from the superior systems used by Klingons, but there is some overlap.  … he did say that the closest thing to World Wide Web is {weQmoQnaQ}. […]  I checked with Maltz. He's fuzzy about Terran computer technology and computer terms, but he said that {weQmoQnaQ} is not the same thing as the Internet.  He said, if he understands correctly, you can do many more things with the Internet than just dealing with the {weQmoQnaQ}.  But he stopped there, so I'll have to bother him again to find out about these other things.  I also asked him about the word Internet.  He said he thought that it was pretty funny that Terrans use that word. He laughed a little bit, as if there were some sort of a joke.  But he didn't elaborate.

  The Klingon Imperial Information Net is the main database of information for the Klingon Empire, including biographical records and the public records of the High Council.  Shortly before her death in 2387, Ambassador K'Ehleyr was denied access to files on the Net (via a [subspace?] interlock from the Enterprise-D ) relating to the High Council's inquiries into the Khitomer Massacre because Council Member Duras had restricted the files to *du-ko-cha* clearance or higher; K'Ehleyr's own clearance of *pah-doQ-cha* was insufficient. (TNG: "Reunion")

  Wesley consulted the Klingon Cultural Database while researching the Rite of Ascension (TNG "The Icarus Factor")

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