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Kri'stak is consistently referred to simply as {QIStaq}.

There's also {HuDqIj}, "the Black Hills".

For non-Klingon mountains, I'd go with {<name> HuD}, following a pattern similar to {voSpegh Sep} and {tlhIng yoS}.

It's also similar to the <name> + <descriptive word> pattern used for many Terran things, such as {Sutra'ber naH}.

Interestingly, based on EuroTalk, this qualifier is not used when describing Terran countries. I suspect this is related to whether or not one expects the listener to know what one is talking about; we expect human Klingon-speakers to know what {DoyIchlan} is, so we don't bother calling it {DoyIchlan Sep}. The average Klingon probably wouldn't, so we'd call it {DoyIchlan Sep} or possibly even {tera' DoyIchlan Sep}.

Similarly, if we met a Klingon who had been isolated from Klingon society (the survivors of QI'tomer come to mind), we might need to qualify even well-known Klingon sights and locations, such as {QIStaq HuD} or {QIStaq qulHuD}.

This is just my speculation, though.


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Is there a Ca'NoN way of naming mountains ?

Is mount. olympus {olympus HuD} or {HuD olympus} ?

~ changan qIj
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