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On 3/18/2019 1:24 PM, Felix Malmenbeck wrote:
>> The use of the suffix {-Ha'} does not imly that the situation or the
>> action was different before. It's just the opposite meaning.
> While there are some canonical examples that may suggest this to be the case (words like {jaQHa'} come to mind), the original description in TKD suggests that it requires either an undoing of a previous state/action, or that something is done wrongly:
> "This negative suffix implies not merely that something is not done (as does -be'), but that there is a change of state: something that was previously done is now undone. For convenience, it will here be translated as "undo", but it is closer to the English prefixes mis-, de-, dis- (as in "misunderstand", "demystify", "disentangle"). It is also used if somethign is done wrongly. Unlie -be', -Ha' can be used in imperatives."
> TKD also uses the example sentence Do'Ha', and comments "The use of -Ha' in this sentence suggests a turn of luck from good to bad."

I think Okrand's terminology is a bit loose here. He describes, for 
example, *-Ha'* as a change of state, but that's *-choH.* I think what 
he's trying to do is explain the difference between *-Ha'* and *-be'.* A 
word isn't simply negated by *-Ha',* he's saying, but its sense actually 
goes in the opposite direction.

So *Do'Ha'* means not necessarily that the subject had been particularly 
*Do'* and was switching to *Do'Ha',* but that *Do'Ha'* is less *Do'* 
than simply *Do'be'.* It's active movement in the opposite direction. 
The "undoing" may be more virtual than real.

So *yItlhHa'*/be lenient, indulgent/ is more than just someone who lacks 
the quality of strictness; it's someone who is actively lenient, the 
very opposite idea.


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