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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, March 02, 2019

Klingon word: qut
Part of speech: noun
Definition: crystal (geologic formation)

  cha'pujqutmey vIje' vIneH 
  I want to buy dilithium crystals. PK

(KGT 204):  either {cha'pujqutmey} or dilithium crystals will work in a warp drive system

crystal or cut glass?

cha'pujqut 		dilithium crystal (n)
Su'ghar qutmey 	sugar (n)

naghboch 		gemstone, jewel (n)
‘al’on 			glass (n)

  "The remote Galactic Mining Station on Delta-Vega is an uninhabited automated lithium cracking station, "rich in crystal and minerals." (TOS "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

  A Starfleet subcutaneous transponder contains a rubindium crystal which is able to emit an energy beam when excited by a light source, similar to a laser. (TOS "Patterns of Force")

  In his battle with the Gorn captain on a planetoid in Metron space, Kirk constructed a primitive cannon using large raw diamonds as projectiles. (TOS "Arena")

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