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Dun! Being able to describe human(oid) motion is always interesting.

I wonder if the difference between Hay and tetlh has to do with the geometry of the rolling thing or with the agency of the roller.

A somersaulting gymnast and a rolling log both perform rotations about their axis of symmetry (very approximately speaking), but the log resembles a long cylinder while the human resembles a wheel or a ball.

A gymnast rolling like a log across a floor and a clumsy skier rolling like a log down a hill both resemble long cylinders, but one needs to work actively to maintain their momentum while the other can just let nature run its course (hopefully very gradually).

lID seems very useful. From the description, I take it it could be used in a way like:

Sup targh; wej 'uj lID.

"The targ jumped three 'uj."

jISupDI' wa' 'uj'a' SaS vIlIDlaH.

("I can jump one 'uj'a' horizontally.")

lojmIt tIQ poSmoHmeH, leQmeyDaq SuptaHvIS He le' lIDta'.

("In order to unlock the ancient door, she (successfully) jumped on the switches in a special pattern.")

I wonder if the trajectory can be a destination, as in raS pIrmuS lIDmeH Sup vIghro'. ("The cat jumped up on the table.").


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I had a Q&A with Marc Okrand/Maltz on some gymnastics and martial arts terminology. I'll post the transcript after I've had a chance to look it over for typos and maybe get some clarifications. In the meantime, here's a summary of the new info which was revealed:

{ron} v. roll, be rolling [generalises {ron} "roll (aircraft wings tilt, one up, one down)"; we already knew this applied to more than aircraft because it was used for dice in Klingon Monopoly]
{Hay} v. somersault [a controlled roll, whereas {ron} applied to a person would mean they were rolling haphazardly]
{tetlh} v. roll (down a hill like a log)
{Dav} v. sidestep, sway [generalises {Dav} "sway (aircraft moves to the side without yawing)"]
{ler} v. wobble
{Der} v. veer (to the left or right while traveling or moving) [generalises {Der} "yaw (aircraft nose points left or right)"]
{jIm} v. shrug [generalises {jIm} "heave (aircraft rising or falling without pitching)"]
{lID} v. travel or move a specified or measurable distance or trajectory [used with verbs of movement which don't take distance or trajectory as their object]
{tonSaw'} is used to name martial arts poses or stances; {much} is used for striking a pose, and takes the named stance as the object ({tonSaw'} may be dropped from the name if it's clear)

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