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> I was wondering how to say:
> "the sith lord was surrounded by a halo of black light"
> I was at a loss, until it came to me:
> {sith joH Dech tamghay qIj Qeb}
> Now, I know.. oh, I know *too well*, that someone is ready to hit "reply"
> and say something like "Qeb is only to be used for the ring which one wears
> on a finger"..

I'll get that out of the way: {Qeb} is probably only for rings on fingers
(though it's also slang for a ponytail holder). But {tamghay gho} also
works pretty well for the general idea of a halo, I think, at least in the
traditional Christian iconography sense of "halo". I'm not sure it quite
works for an aura.

One thing to consider: Why use a noun at all? Something using {wew} "glow",
{tlhuD} or {rIS} "emit", {wov} "be bright, light" could all work. {wew
_sith_ joH. tamghay qIj rIS.} "The sith lord glowed; he emitted black
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