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> So, I took the opportunity of this thread, to express my problem with
> the {tlhIngan maH! taHjaj!}..

*bo'Dagh'a'vetlh Dalo'nISbe'. *That phrasing is fine (it's just not
intended to be a literal translation) and I would say so even if it had
never appeared on screen. I also don't see a problem with *bIvoqbe' 'ej
muSuj.* The fact that you can't use *'e'* as a subject doesn't mean there's
no way to refer to a previous utterance as the subject. It just means you
can't use *'e'* to do it. Words like *ghu'vam* or *ngoDvam* are one option.
The example of *Do'Ha'* suggests you can also do it with just an unstated
third-person subject.

(I'm still looking for other examples. *qay'be'* used as "No problem!" is
one; the subject presumably refers to the thing the speaker was just told
or asked to do. The use of *rIntaH* and *qar'a'* as "auxiliary verbs" are
also examples, though they're a little weird grammatically.)
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