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On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 8:17 PM Christa Hansberry <chransberry at gmail.com>

> If I wanted to say, for example, "animals which are not tribbles", how
> would I do it? I don't think *yIHmey bIHbe'bogh Ha'DIbaHmey('e'?)* would be
> grammatical... but is there a good way to say it?
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Why wouldn't it be grammatical? Pronouns-as-copula can take *-be'*: *loD
Quch jIHbe'.* They can take *-bogh*: paq'batlh has *ghaHtaHbogh*. *yIHmey
bIHbe'bogh Ha'DIbaHmey'e'* seems completely fine to me.
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