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No surprises on the use of* -logh* in MKE: It says *Duj ghajchugh
vay, cha'logh boq'egh qav'ap motlh; chen qav'ap le'. ghajwI'vaD qav'ap le'
yIDIl.* "If owned, pay owner twice the rental to which they are otherwise

(But it is proof that actual numbers aren't required in arithmetic
expressions; as one might expect, it's possible to insert a word like
*qav'ap* that has some numeric value that may be unspecified.
Also, something I hadn't noticed before: evidently *DIl* can be used to
mean "pay (the amount paid)," and not just the gloss of "pay for," so you
might say *Duj vIje'meH wa' 'uy' DarSeq vIDIlpu'* "I paid one million
darseks to buy the ship." If it weren't for this canon example, to play it
safe I'd use some kind of wording like *Duj vIDIlmeH wa' 'uy' DarSeq
vInatlhpu'* "I spent one million darseks to pay for the ship.")


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> > On Mar 19, 2019, at 15:02, Jeffrey Clark <jmclark85 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > I was following the example from Klingon Monopoly regarding Praxis
> Energy.
> Ah, okay. What’s the example? My Klingon Monopoly set is six thousand
> kellicams away at the moment.
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