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Fri Mar 15 05:40:55 PDT 2019

> The reason I said it was a half effort

Can you quote where exactly, I suggested that we use {Hur} in order to
describe the exterior surface of something ?

I asked, whether it *could* be used that way. Asking is one thing, while
suggesting is quite another.

And let me ask you; why don't you react similarly when people
transliterate, or crap repeatedly on the "not using -Daq unless it is
placed on a physical location" rule ?

Don't these people suggest indirectly, that we *should* transliterate, and
break the -Daq rule ?

And as far as whether I think that a word meaning "outer surface" is
necessary, yes I do. And it's my right, as it is the right of every
tlhIngan Hol fan to have his own wish list.

But has okrand EVER reacted the way YOU did/usually do, when a fan asks for
something which he doesn't think is necessary ?

Luckily no. Because if okrand chose to reply the way you do, soon the only
person who would be using klingon, would be only okrand.

~ changan qIj
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