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Since I'm replying from my phone, I can't quote the relevant parts of the

At first glance, SuStel and voragh, your suggestions are interesting.

Unfortunately though, without having the means to express "exterior
surface", the problem remains.

If we say the tumor protrudes from the bone, then the question is, from
which surface ?

Most bones have four surfaces; ventral/dorsal/medial-inner/lateral-outer.
Let alone the fact, that the need to specify outer has often to do with the
need to say that the tumor doesn't break through the surface of the bone
facing the medullary cavity.

Now, I know that maltz isn't a doctor, and I chose this example just in
order to answer to charghwI', that there are cases in which there is indeed
a need for a word, which would mean "surface".

And here is a simpler example:

The fire burnt only the pillow's surface; it didn't burn the feathers

Anyways, I can understand that no constructed language can have words for
everything. But I can't understand the need to avoid admitting that some
missing words can be indeed at times necessary.

As far as the interesting question "how would I describe cancer", the
answer is simple:

I would say from the start the name of the cancer, and then I would use

"the disease broke through the bone".

It is something which actually happens, to refer to cancer by simply saying
{rop} "disease", once someone has said the cancer's name.


The disease has spread
There is still residual disease
The disease went into remission

And in case someone wonders "how would you describe the cancer's name ?"

I would just say it. After all even in english, most of the cancers, don't
have english names:

Osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, liposarcoma; are greek words.

'a DaH paS, jIghung 'ej jIQongnIS..

~ changan qIj
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