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> I, for one, wonder why you bother with Hur 

> at all

The purpose of this thread was to find a way to express the exterior of an object.

Using "I paint the house", is just an example I selected, which obviously I shouldn't have, because it would raise the question why I don't use reD.

For a house we have reD. But what if I want to describe the exterior surface of an object in general ?

This is one of the classic problems with klingon..

Some definitions tend to be so specific, that in the end we are being left holding our d***s, unable to express some things which one would expect them to be specified when these words were given.

We have "surface of water", we have "surface of a planet", and the "bottom surface of a table, ceiling".

But we don't have a word for "surface" in general.

It was sooo damn important to have a word for the bottom surface of a table though..

Because, surely, each day there are sooo many times we need to talk about the bottom surface of a table..

'a qay'be'.. jISaHQbe' jay'.. I should have learned by now..

~ changan qIj

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