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To me, {vIghro’ tIQ vIje’ta’meH, HuchwIj Hoch vI’anmoHpu’} sounds like I’ve already purchased the ancient cat, and then, mysteriously, I’ve paid money. The double perfective just seems weird. I have sacrificed money (burning it on an alter, perhaps?). Toward what purpose had I sacrificed the money? I sacrificed it toward the mission of having already accomplished feeding the cat. Or buying it.

I think it would be much clearer for you to just say {qatlh Huch vIHutlh? vIghro’ tIQvam vIje’ta’.} I assume you’d be smiling, proudly, with perhaps just a hint of mania behind the eyes.

… at which point I would smile and raise my hands in a non-threatening, defensive posture and back slowly out of the room while replying, {vIghro’ tIQlIj yItIv. Qel QaQ DaQaHlaHbogh vISov…}

charghwI’ vaghnerya’ngan

rInpa’ bomnIS be’’a’ pI’.

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> On Mar 13, 2019, at 10:03, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com <mailto:mihkoun at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> {vIghro' tIQ vIje'meH, HuchwIj Hoch vI'anmoHpu'}
>> In order to buy the ancient cat, I went bankrupt.
>> How would this be any different from writing:
>> {vIghro' tIQ vIje'ta'meH, HuchwIj Hoch vI'anmoHpu'} ?
> The English translations seem awkward, but the distinction in Klingon makes sense to me. In the second one, you are affirming/emphasising that you did, indeed, buy the cat. Whereas in the first one it’s kinda left ambiguous.
> —jevreH
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