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And I would not argue at all. I agree much more than you can imagine.

But that gets into the philosophical realm. I believe that Relativity’s “SpaceTime” is actually “Motion” and that Existence depends upon Motion. And since this is not about the Klingon language I’m going to have to change to Klingon in order to continue it on this list (which may prove limiting).

nuq ‘oH qa’vIn HIvje’wIj’e’?

tera’ oHpu’. vIHDI’ tera’na' vIH HIvje’Hey. 

tlhanlu’DI’ tera’vo’ chevlu’. DabqI’ moj. jaS vIHlaH tera’, DabqI’vam je. vIHDI’ DabqI’na’ vIH HIvje’law’. 

HIvje’ tu’qom chenmoHta' vay' ghopDu’. ‘op DabqI’ teq ghopDu’vam. jaS vIHlaH HIvje’ DabqI’, DabqI’’e' teqlu’pu’bogh ghopDu’ je.

vIHDI’ tu’qomvamna’ vIH HIvje’law’. letmoH qul ‘ej ‘IHmoH. DaH HIvje’na' moj. vIHDI’ HIvje’vam, vIH wa’ Doch. HIvje’ ‘oHtaH Dochvam’e’.

HIvje’vamDaq qa’vIn vIqang. qa’vIn ngaStaHvIS HIvje’vam, wa’Doch ‘oHtaH. vIHDI’ HIvje’, vIH qa’vIn. 

qa’vIn vItlhutlhDI’ jIH moj qa’vIn ‘ej HIvje’ mojHa’ qa’vIn. jaS vIH HIvje’ qa’vIn je. jIvIHDI’ vIH qa’vIn. wa’ nuv wImoj jIH, qa’vIn je.

HIvje’ vIchaghchugh, ‘oHHa’ HIvje’. ‘ay’mey moj. jaS vIH ‘ay’meyvam. wa’ Doch luchaHbe’.

wanI'mey chaH Hoch Doch. chaq ngaj. chaq nI’. reH ‘oHtaH pagh. [All things have a finite duration, except for the infinitely changing Universes.]

vIH Hoch. vIHbe’ pagh.

qatlh chImlaw' HeySel joj logh? vIHbe’law’.

chaq HeySel joj logh Do law’ tamghay Do puS. gho’Do’’e’ ‘u’ ‘oHtaH.

[For purposes of the list, you can ignore the rest of this message.] ramchu’.

Perhaps the “empty” space between atoms is full of mass moving faster than the speed of light, with infinite momentum, moving in streams tangential to our atoms, in opposite pairs on either side of each atom, enforcing the extreme distance between our atoms, and enforcing Critical Mass, shearing off the outer shell of heavy metals, releasing enormous energy while creating more tolerable, smaller atomic masses into which the intolerable mass decays, mostly near the center of the physical object made of the offending critical mass, which explains the math of half-life.

Perhaps these streams move in vast elliptical orbits (the most common pattern of motion in the observable Universe on all scales of size), and perhaps multiple systems of these streams (multiple Universes) share focal points for these orbits, creating areas where the density of streams is less because an atom can be participating in multiple Universes in those locations. With less density of streams, higher masses could be tolerable — changing the threshold for Critical Mass so that atoms could become much denser, explaining Black Holes, and why they don’t suck in all mass — the higher Critical Mass is defined by location relative to the common participant Universes at that focal point.

Also, it explains Gravity as a resultant force of inward pressure from all directions except “down”, where the streams are narrowed by the resistance of having passed through all the mass of the planet below you. Less pressure from below gives you a net accelerating force downward.

And perhaps the streams are the medium for light, explaining how a wave form can be carried by a “vacuum”, without the need to pretend like it’s a particle. And the spacing of the streams in the array would explain Quantum Physics, since at the smallest scale of existence, there is a watershed energy threshold required to cross a stream during the brief time that there is no mass passing along it, breaking light and other energies into Quanta.

This is what I think about when I’m not thinking about the Klingon language, playing pool, building metal models, learning ASL, playing in an Irish band, thinking about airplanes and what makes them fly, helping people with their computers, amplifying live bands and callers for contra dancers, calling contra dances, or being social with family, etc. It’s part of my sound track when I’m going off to sleep or waking up.

Likely, there are other over-thinkers here. I don’t assume I’m unique. It’s just that this kind of stuff never comes up in normal conversations, so I can never be sure how strange or normal this kind of thinking is within any given population.

What I don’t understand is boredom. With so much to think about, how can anyone be bored?

charghwI’ vaghnerya’ngan

rInpa’ bomnIS be’’a’ pI’.

> On Mar 11, 2019, at 9:51 AM, Daniel Dadap <daniel at dadap.net> wrote:
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>> Writing is not 3-D. Signing is. Spoken language is not 3-D. Signing is.
> I’d argue that signing is actually 4-D. It encodes information as movements (which require time) across all three spatial dimensions.
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