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> > Klingon armor, weapons, and blood are not red
> Klingon blood has been depicted as either magenta (in Star Trek VI, I
> believe to make the zero-G massacre scene on Kronos One less gory for the
> censors) or red (everywhere else as far as I can remember), both of which I
> think I’d call Doq.
> Which leads to an unrelated question, I wonder if purple is Doq or SuD.
> Sure, there’s many shades of purple, but I’d be curious if there’s a point
> on the color spectrum that about half of Klingons would call Doq and half
> would call SuD. Maybe even two points, one kind of purply one, and one kind
> of orangy-yellowy one.

When a Klingon sees a colour half-way between {Doq} and {SuD}, does s/he
say {DuD}? {DuuuuuuD}.

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