[tlhIngan Hol] Does rIntaH require a sentient being ?

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> {rIn} , pronounced “reen” was used to mark the end of communication via
> radio in one of the movies.

For those playing along at home, it was used that way in the Morskan
listening post scene in ST6.

> {rIntaH} was used in ST3 in the line {qa’vam De’ vIje’ rIntaH} spoken by
> valQIS. I think this is the only time in canon that it has been used

No longer! It's used twice in the paq'batlh.

*ghIq Qo'noSDaq Qap rIntaH 'e' Sov    qeylIS    qotar lIjbe'*

*Then, the time came when Kahless saw    That his work on Kronos was
done,    He did not forget Kotar.*

(Canto *tlheDrup qeylIS*, book *paq'QIH*, I don't have page or line numbers
at the moment)

*porgh HoH wa' 'etlh    qa' tlhabmoH wa' 'etlh    tlhIngan choHlu' rIntaH*

*One blade to extinguish the physical life,    One blade for freeing the
soul,    The Klingon's transition was complete.*

(Canto *qeylIS Heghbat*, book *paq'QIH*)

In the second example, the verb doesn't even have an explicit subject,
sentient or otherwise, just a *-lu'*.
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