[tlhIngan Hol] If star trek universe was real..

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 06:29:17 PST 2019

Hov leng qo' tu'lu'bej net jalchugh..
If the star trek universe was real..


tlhoy Hoj tera'nganpu', vaj pIjHa' tera' lumejqang, 'ej tagha'
latlhpu' ghomvIpchoHmo', qIHqangbe'wI' moj.
terans, being overly cautious, would become afraid to meet other
species, so they would be keeping closed to themselves.

nongbe'chu'mo' vulqanganpu', SaHHa'chu'wI'pu' moj, vaj tagha' jatlh:
ngagh'eghjaj qIb Hoch, qatlh maSaHnIS ?
vulcans, being emotionless, would become consumed by their apathy,
thus saying: why should we care for the rest of the galaxy ? f***

tlhoy batlh luSaHtaHmo' tlhInganpu', tugh meqmey ramqu'mo', Sang'egh;
klingons would be the a-holes (Sa'Hut qungmey..) who would soon
destroy themselves on their own, for insignificant reasons..

Huch Hoch lughajmo' verenganpu', HoSna' lughaj.. 'e' luHar
the ferengi having all the money, would think that they have all the power

'a verenganpu' SIghlaHchu'taH romuluSnganpu''e'; 'ongqu'mo' romuluSnganpu''e'..
but it would be the romulans who would be manipulating the ferengi,
since the romulans are the cunning ones..

vaj qIb luche'chu' romuluSnganpu'.
so the romulans would be the ones actually ruling the galaxy.

'ej tagha', wa' jaj, paw borg, 'ej Hoch luchargh, yeqlaHbe'mo' mut Sar.
until one day, the borg arrived and conquered all, because the other
species would be unable to cooperate with each other.

~ changan qIj

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