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I had a Q&A with Marc Okrand/Maltz on some gymnastics and martial arts
terminology. I'll post the transcript after I've had a chance to look it
over for typos and maybe get some clarifications. In the meantime, here's a
summary of the new info which was revealed:

{ron} v. roll, be rolling [generalises {ron} "roll (aircraft wings tilt,
one up, one down)"; we already knew this applied to more than aircraft
because it was used for dice in Klingon Monopoly]
{Hay} v. somersault [a controlled roll, whereas {ron} applied to a person
would mean they were rolling haphazardly]
{tetlh} v. roll (down a hill like a log)
{Dav} v. sidestep, sway [generalises {Dav} "sway (aircraft moves to the
side without yawing)"]
{ler} v. wobble
{Der} v. veer (to the left or right while traveling or moving) [generalises
{Der} "yaw (aircraft nose points left or right)"]
{jIm} v. shrug [generalises {jIm} "heave (aircraft rising or falling
without pitching)"]
{lID} v. travel or move a specified or measurable distance or trajectory
[used with verbs of movement which don't take distance or trajectory as
their object]
{tonSaw'} is used to name martial arts poses or stances; {much} is used for
striking a pose, and takes the named stance as the object ({tonSaw'} may be
dropped from the name if it's clear)

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