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Klingon word: roSHa'
Part of speech: verb
Definition: be paralyzed

(HQ 10.2:10-11):   {roS} "use the third toe" is phonetically identical to {roS} "lick" as well as the {roS} found in {roSHa'moH} "paralyze".  The verb for paralyze consists of three elements: the verb {roS} (of unclear meaning), {-Ha'} undo, {-moH} cause.  Thus it may be literally translated as "cause to no longer {roS}" or "cause to un-{roS}" or the like.  A verb {roS} having anything to do with general mobility does not occur except in {roSHa'moH}.  If the toe verb {roS} is the same verb, paralyze means "cause to not use the third toe".  Perhaps mobility of the third toe was associated somehow with mobility in general.  Indeed, there is an idiomatic expression {pe'vIl roS} "he/she uses his/her third toe forcefully" which conveys the idea that he or she is particularly agile or nimble or spry.

CULTURAL NOTES [cf. TNG "Ethics"]:

(TKW 147):  After being paralyzed from the waist down as the result of an accident, Worf at first felt his life had ended and decided to commit ritual suicide ({Heghbat}).  

(TKW 176):  Worf decided to commit suicide in the traditional Klingon manner, the {Heghbat}. He asked Riker to help him and hand him the knife, but Riker pointed out that, following tradition, that role belonged to Worf’s son, Alexander. 

rIQ  	be injured (v)
QID 	wound (v)
rIgh 	be lame (v)
wun 	be vulnerable, unprotected (v)

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