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> Am 27.06.2019 um 12:57 schrieb De'vID:
> > Did anyone ever put together a list of errata for the {paq'batlh}? I'm
> > about to send off my own list to the publisher. But if anyone else has
> > compiled a list, please let me know in case I missed something.
> Somebody once started at he wiki, but there is almost nothing in there.
> Maybe you can send me your list, so I can add it to the wiki for all of
> us who have the first print?

Here's what I have in my errata. I haven't decided what to recommend for
the {petaQ} footnote, or how to fix the {QaD} slang usage (or if it needs

(In 2011 Okrand told me and some other people at the {qepHom} that he
didn't write the footnote on p.70, and that he didn't think the {pe-} part
was the imperative prefix. Maybe I should recommend changing the footnote
to something like "P'takh ({petaQ}) is a Klingon insult, which may possibly
be related historically to the verb "to be weird" ({taQ}).")

v. {TlhIngan} should be {tlhIngan}

vii. "Qu'ran" should be "Qur'an"

viii. {Suvwi' Dun law' Hoch Dun} should be {SuvwI' Dun law' Hoch Dun puS}

viii. Not really an error, but recommend to add a footnote to ({lIjlaHbogh
pagh}) that this epithet has also been rendered as ({lIjlaHbe'bogh vay'}).
of universe, the translation {qeylIS'e' lIjlaHbe'bogh vay'} appeared on
card 8.]

xi. {luqara} should be {luqara'}

xiv, xxxv. "QBV" is given as an acronym for {qeylIS bov nubwI'}, which looks
like it should be "QBN". So either the acronym should be explained or it
be changed.

41. {molor ghal} should be {molor Duy} ({ghal} is the verb "envy" not the
"envoy"; {molor Duy} appears on p. 61)

41. {luqara qanra' puqbe'} should be {luqara' qanra' puqbe'}

70. The footnote says "P'takh ({petaQ}) is a Klingon insult, meaning
like "weirdo", deriving from the verb "to be weird" ({taQ}), with and [sic]
(plural) imperative prefix ({pe-})."

71. {quv bIHutlh} should be {quv DaHutlh}

73, 201. {thla'} should be {tlha'}

75. {puj 'usDu'lIj} should be {puj 'uSDu'lIj}

81, 201. {qeylIS Suvwi' qan je} should be {qeylIS SuvwI' qan je}

85. Not really an error, but {qaS jajlo', wovchoH chal} appears to be the
line in the entire Klingon side which has a comma. Could be removed for

99. {qotar mInDu'} should be {veqlargh mInDu'}

103, 203. {ghomchuqqa' lonDni'pu' vav je} should be {ghomchuqqa' lonDnI'pu'
vav je}

103. {tonSaw} (line 6) should be {tonSaw'}

118. Not really an error, but recommend to change "({pIraQSIS})" to
"({pIraQSIS} or {pIraqSIS)" in the footnote. [Out of universe, the spelling
{pIraqSIS} was used in the Klingon translation of Monopoly.]

127. {luqara' 'oH pIngwI''e' jupwI'} should be {luqara' 'oH pongwIj'e'

137. {qaStaHviS rep law' Hargh} should be {qaStaHvIS rep law' Hargh}

141. {SIqral bIQtIq lughoS cha' parmaqqay'} should be {SIqral bIQtIq lughoS
cha' parmaqqay}

144. "And kill you were you stand!" should be "And kill you where you

145. {ghobvam vItap} should be {ghopvam vItap}

145. {loDnI'wI' vavwI'nI' je} should be {loDnI'lI' vavwI'lI' je}

163. {bImej 'e' bIyIn} should be {bImej 'ej bIyIn}

167. {tIqDu'Daj} (line 21) should be {tIqDu'chaj}

193, 205. {qelISvaD Suto'vo'qor nob qotar} should be {qeylISvaD Suto'vo'qor
nob qotar}

Uses of {QaD} to mean "safe" (which is a slang meaning), which seem out of
place in an ancient poem:
99. {rIQbe' ghaH 'ej QaD}
159, 161. {bIQaDbe'}

However, on p.97 {QaD} is used to mean "dry", when Kahless climbs out of a
river of blood onto land, so the usage on p.99 could be taken as a
double-entendre. The usages on p.159 and p.161 are harder to explain, as
apply to Molor while he's in a tower.

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