[tlhIngan Hol] Do epithets behave as nouns ?

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> I can't understand though, why the {-mey} instead of {-pu'}. Is this some
> special case, as in {Dojmey}, which has {-mey} even if referring to beings
> capable of language ?

KGT says that using the non-language-user possessive suffixes (with the
example of {joHwIj} instead of {joHwI'}) is considered insulting, as it
implies the {joH} in question is a lesser kind of being. A similar
principle might apply to the plural suffixes, though I don't think it's
explicit anywhere. That is, {petaQmey} might be used as an additional layer
of insult to imply that the p'tahks are lesser beings, without the
brainpower necessary to use language like a person. It could also mean
"p'tahks all over the place", but if the p'tahks are in one place, the
insulting meaning might be intended.

(It might also be a typo that just happens to be easy to explain away as
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