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> When using the word "human" as a synonym for imperfect, how would that
> translate?
> I can imagine they'd just use "Human," or even "tlhIngan," but doesn't
> seem quite right given the context.
> Would it be more correct to just say pupHa' or bachHa'? So translating "to
> err is human" would be bachHa'taH Humanpu'?

For the verb, why not *Qagh* "err, be mistaken, make a mistake"?

My first attempt:* Qagh Hoch. qeHHa' Qunpu' neH.* "Everyone makes mistakes.
Only gods forgive." (literally, "only gods unresent")
Another attempt: *Qaghlu'DI' ghot Dalu'. reHHa'lu'DI' Qun Dalu'.* "When one
errs, one acts like a person. When one forgives, one acts like a god."

Of course, given the Klingon attitude towards gods (more trouble than
they're worth), it might be best to change references to gods to something
about honor or Kahless.
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