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> ja' qurgh:
>  >> Anything of interest that showed up was recorded in
>  >> HolQeD.
> ghel mayqel qunen'oS:
> > Interesting; does this apply for the qepHommey too ?
> No, because HolQeD stopped before we got new words at the qepHom.
> All the new words of the German qepHom are printed in each year's
> exercise booklet. The words themselves were always immediately forwarded
> to boQwI' and the KLI's new words list. The pages themselves were never
> scanned or published, but parts of them can be seen at the pages I've
> mentioned in the previous message.

As a matter of fact, {boQwI'} usually has a lot more information on
recently-revealed entries than on older ones. There are several reasons for

New words from recent years usually come a few dozen at a time (though that
number has been growing), released at specific times of year. This means
Okrand has more time to work out the details around each word/phrase, and
more information to give. I also budget time around each {qep'a'}/{qepHom}
to enter everything in to {boQwI'}. This is unlike the situation with the
books, where he released thousands of words at once. I basically spent...
months?... copying the word lists back then.

Even in those cases where Okrand spent some time discussing a word or
phrase in a book (mostly in KGT or TKW), the information is often missing
from {boQwI'}. Partly, this was due to lack of time to enter all the
information, but partly it was so people still have to buy the books to get
all the information (which protects Okrand's income). You'll see a number
of entries where it says "For more information, see KGT p.xxx" and so on,
because I assume that TKD/KGT/TKW will be available to most people. For the
new words from the {qep'a'}/{qepHom}, I include all the information as I
assume most people won't know where to access the original booklets, and
perhaps they may not even be available online.

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