[tlhIngan Hol] Difference between {rIp} and {yej}

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> De'vID:
> > Types of {rIp}:> {quprIp}> Types of {yej}:> {yejquv}, {yejHaD},
> {yej'an}> You tell me if they're perfect synonyms.
> The words quprIp, yejquv, yejHaD, yej'an aren't synonyms.
That wasn't the question. But anyway, as SuStel pointed out, Okrand said
it's not known if the first syllable of {yejHaD} and {yej'an} are actually
the word {yej}, so you really only have {quprIp} and {yejquv} to go on.

There may or may not be some slight difference, such as how membership is
decided. But there isn't sufficient information to know.

But can't one use {rIp} or {yej} on their own ? *Then* is the problem (or
> at least my problem..)
> Should I, or shouldn't I use {rIp} and {yej} interchangeably ?
You can probably use them interchangeably for a particular council or
assembly for which a word hasn't already been established, but once you've
made the choice, you shouldn't switch. For example, you shouldn't suddenly
refer to the *{qupyej} or the *{rIpquv} if you've already established these
things are called {quprIp} and {yejquv}.

Imagine that they're the English words "council" and "assembly". Are these
synonymous? As generic terms, they're probably interchangeable in most
cases, but you shouldn't refer to an organisation known as the "Council of
Elders" as the "Assembly of Elders", and you shouldn't call the "High
Council" by the "High Assembly".

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