[tlhIngan Hol] Difference between "all X" and "all of X"

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Jun 21 08:31:19 PDT 2019

On 6/21/2019 11:16 AM, Steven Boozer wrote:
> FYI I found one example of the {Hoch} modifying a NOUN+NOUN phrase :
>     QaptaHvIS So'wI', Hoch jagh Dujmey DaQotlh.
>     Disable all enemy ships while cloaked. (MKE)
> {Hoch jagh Dujmey} "all enemy ships" NOT  *{jagh Hoch Dujmey}.
> Can anyone think of another example?

*Hoch puq poH*/all ages (paq'batlh),/ literally /each child period./ 
*puq poH*//is known to mean /generation./ *Hoch* is modifying *puq poH.*

Also from /paq'batlh:/ *Hoch Qo'noS nuvpu'*/every Klingon on the 
planet,/ literally/all Kronos people./**It's specifically not *Qo'noS 
Hoch nuvpu'*/Kronos's all the people./

We also have canon for *X Hoch* in /paq'batlh:/ *QeHDaj Hoch*/all his rage./


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