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Tue Jun 18 03:28:37 PDT 2019

ghItlhpu' Quvar, jatlh:
> I've just been asked this by a beginner. I know what I could answer, but
> I wondered if there is a canon explanation, and also what your answers
> might be. It has certainly been asked before:
> Why is it {tlhIngan maH} and not {tlhInganpu' maH}?

I don't think there's a canon explanation, but slogans tend to work better when they're more concise (Australia's political landscape is now at a point where the term "three word slogan" has become a term of political mockery), and no doubt Klingons think that way too. While tlhInganpu' maH is also in principle fine for "we are Klingons" - for a canon instance, note wo' tay' tlhInganpu' maH "we are UK Klingons!" (Radio Times) - I imagine it's just that the chant-like nature of the phrase lends itself to maximum brevity.

QeS 'utlh
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