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> ghItlhpu' mayqel, jatlh:
> > I want to say "I come nearer to you". Which of the following is
> > the correct way to say it ?
> > qachol
> > SoHDaq jIchol
> > SoHDaq vIchol
> > SoHDaq qachol
> I know of no canon examples of *chol* with overt pronominal prefixes; the
> only two instances I know of it in use, from TKD, would have a third-person
> object in any case and so they're not illuminating.

chovnatlhvam Daqellaw':

{chollI'} "it is getting closer"

"it is getting closer" ghItlhpu' Okrand. "it is getting closer to it"
ghItlhbe'pu'. {nuv wejDIch} lo'be'pu'. {nuv paghDIch} lo'be'law'pu'.

naQbe'law' mu'tlheghvam. poQHa'lu'chugh, {DoSDaq [it-none]chollI'} 'oSlaw';
{DoS [it-it]chollI'} 'oSbe'law'.

taH TKD:

--- tagh ---
This word would be used for, i.e., a missile approaching a target, when it
is known that the missile has been aimed at that target. If a missile is
getting closer, but its intended destination is not known, {choltaH} (with
{-taH} "continuous") would be more appropriate.
--- rIn ---

{choltaH} jatlhchugh vay', {DoSHeyDaq choltaH} 'oSlaw'. jatlhwI'Daq
SumnISbe'law' DoSHey.

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