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Sat Jun 15 12:17:34 PDT 2019

> It would be a lot easier if you would just give > us what you're working
on, with the
> surrounding text for context.

I'd love to do that, but unfortunately it's in greek..

It's from matthew chapter 8, line 30, the incident where jesus talks to two
possessed people.

The english translation of the greek orthodox goes "now, there was a herd
of many pigs feeding at some distance from them".

But it doesn't specify if the "them" includes jesus too.

Logically, since the possessed talk to jesus, the "them" should refer to
both jesus and the possessed.

But this is not certain. What *is* certain though, is that the location of
the herd is meant in reference at least to the possessed.

So, I wanted to specify, that the "at some distance" is at least in
reference to the possessed.

On the other hand, the original greek, as well as the canon modern greek
orthodox translation, doesn't say "some distance", but "far from them", so
go figure.

Anyways, I'll translate it as the original greek, leaving it ambiguous as
the original text.

After all, qeylIS knows, new testament wasn't written in greek, but in
klingon. It's just that the original klingon was lost through the centuries.

But luckily, now it's slowly being recovered..

'ej DaH jIQong..

~ m. qunen'oS
you haven't experienced new testament
unless you read it in the original klingon
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