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Fri Jun 14 00:52:29 PDT 2019

ghItlhpu' mayqel, jatlh:
> I want to say "I come nearer to you". Which of the following is
> the correct way to say it ?
> qachol
> SoHDaq jIchol
> SoHDaq vIchol
> SoHDaq qachol

I know of no canon examples of chol with overt pronominal prefixes; the only two instances I know of it in use, from TKD, would have a third-person object in any case and so they're not illuminating.

Personally, I lean towards qachol in parallel with other verbs expressing motion, like ghoS, jaH, 'el, leng, etc. (which presumably would mean SoHDaq qachol would also be acceptable - though as Okrand also says regarding pa'Daq vI'el, probably overkill). With all due respect to SuStel, his suggested parallel with Sum or Hop doesn't hold water, because these verbs are canonically adjectival and so they can't take objects in any case: HIvje' Sum yItlhap (HolQeD 7:4), Daq HopHa'Daq qa'chaj nejlI' qotar qempa'QeH je (PB, paq'raD 9:1-3), Daq SumHa'vo' wab Huj Qoylu' (PB, paq'raD 1:13). I don't think there's any justification for treating chol the same way.

QeS 'utlh
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