[tlhIngan Hol] According to Matthew chapter 1 (quotations punctuated)

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 00:30:05 PDT 2019

> Given Hugh’s occupation and intimate understanding of these
> technologies and finer appreciation for nuances regarding how information and servers is handled

There is server.

That server hosts the wiki.

Someone says, "I'm gonna add a file to the server of the wiki" in a
conversation, where the context is already crystal clear.

And someone understands, that "the file will be added to the server
and not on the wiki" ?

Are we serious ?

But then again, perhaps the server of the klingon wiki, is a porn
server too; so, the poor reader can't understand, whether I'll add the
new testament file to the klingon wiki, or to the porn site for which
the server is also used.

Yeah, that must be it..

This is a classic example, of someone trying to force an alternate
meaning, on a sentence where everything is already clear.

> Having a degree of technical fluency in a subject greatly changes your view on what words mean relating to that subject.

As an orthopaedic specialist, and after 6 years of med school and 6
years of residency, I can find too, numerous ways to make an ass out
of a person who says in klingon "I can't feel my legs".

But when I'll read that klingon sentence, I won't start describing an
alternate way of saying this, and then concluding that his sentence
means something else, than what he intends it to mean.

I'm fed up, by the blindness of some people..

When klingon can't find a way to express something in a clear manner,
they resort to the classic argument "context will define". Yet at the
same time, they try to find ambiguities in the words of others, where
there are none.

Pitiful, and pathetic.

Luckily, after three and half years, and literally more than a
thousand questions asked and answered on this list, I know which
arguments to accept and which to discard.

~ m. qunen'oS

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