[tlhIngan Hol] According to Matthew chapter 6

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 07:20:01 PDT 2019

Before I proceed by posting the 6th chapter, there is something I
would like to say.

At another thread, earlier I wrote:

> 'ej mu'meyvam vIHarbej. qawlIj vIHo'qu' !
> and I truly mean it. I *do* admire your memory !

The english translation, doesn't match the klingon; and this happened
because I was in a hurry, hungry, tired, and getting sloppy, I wrote
the first thing that came to mind.

However, as far as the translation of the new testament is concerned,
things are quite different.

A great deal of thought has been put in every line, and every line has
been checked and then checked again, against the original Greek text,
which is my intention to translate as accurately as possible.

Of course, there may be grammar mistakes e.g. a wrong verb prefix, but
unless there is an *obvious* mistake in grammar, then *everything* is
written the way it is, *intentionally*.

And I will mention three examples to demonstrate my point.

1. At some paragraphs, the klingon starts by jesus addressing multiple
people (as evidenced by the {tlhIHvaD jIjatlh..}), and two lines
later, jesus gives instructions to one person. This is not sloppiness
on my part, but something intentional, since this happens in the
original Greek passage too.

2. At this chapter (the 6th), at the 6th line the klingon goes {qoD
pa' yI'el}, for "enter the room of the interior", which is intentional
for reasons which are too numerous to mention (but if someone is
interested, I'd by happy to do so).

3. At this chapter (the 6th), at line 27, the klingon goes {yInDaj
DISmeyvaD wa' vI' wejmaH wa' 'uj chellaH'a' nuv ?} for "is a person
able to add to the years of his life 1.31 'uj ?". Someone could start
saying "how can someone add to his life, a length of linear measure" ?
But this is intentional, since the original Greek goes, "who among you
can add a cubit to his age ?".

So, what I'm trying to say, is that as far as this translation goes,
I'm not fooling around, everything is written after a great deal of
thought and headache, and unless something is an obvious mistake in
grammar, everything, and I mean *everything* is written intentionally.

I don't care what a klingon would and would not say. This translation
*will* be completed, and it *will* be the closest translation possible
to the original Greek.

And unless klingons spoke new testament greek, they can go ngagh'egh,
I never liked them anyway.

(not a christian thing to say..)

oh well, no one is perfect..


'ay' jav

1 ghu'mey qay' bambogh nuvpu'vaD vay' bonobtaHvIS, SuyepnIS. latlhpu'
laj 'oHbe'nIS ngoQraj'e', vaj SunobtaHvIS SuSo'nIStaH. jaSHa'
Suvangbe'chugh, vaj tlhIHvaD pagh pop nob chal vavra'. 2 vaj pung ta'
Data'taHvIS, SoH tlhopDaq nItlh gheb yIchu'Qo'. HoQwI'pu' luHo'lu'meH,
'ej lunaDlu'meH, chIrghmeyDaq tawmeyDaq je jaSHa' vang HoQwI'pu'.
tlhIHvaD vItna' vIjatlh > popchaj luHevpu' HoQwI'pu'vam .< 3 'ach,
pung ta' Data'taHvIS, nIH ghoplIj ta' Sovbe'nIS poS ghoplIj, 4 vaj
pegh pung ta'lIj, 'ej poplIj luleghmeH Hoch nuvpu', tlhopDaq SoHvaD
popvam nob Hoch peghmey Sovbogh vavlI'.

5 'ej QunvaD bIjatlhtaHvIS, HoQwI'pu' tIDaQo'. HoQwI'pu'vam
luleghlu'meH, chIrghmeyDaq po'oHmeyDaq je Qam HoQwI'pu'vam 'e'
luparHa' nuvpu'vam, QunvaD jatlhtaHvIS. tlhIHvaD vItna' vIjatlh >
popchaj luHevpu' HoQwI'pu'vam. < 6 'ach QunvaD bIjatlhchoHpa', qoD pa'
yI'el, 'ej lojmIt DaSoQmoHpu'DI', vavlI'vaD yIjatlhchoH, 'ej wanI'vam
yIpegh. vaj tlhopDaq SoHvaD poplIj nob Daqmey pegh leghbogh vavlI'. 7
QunvaD SujatlhtaHvIS, *jew*pu' chaHbe'bogh nuvpu''e' tIDaQo'; vaj
mu'mey 'utbe' tIjatlhQo'. chaHvaD chabalmeychaj nob Qun 'e' luHar
nuvpu'vam, mu'mey 'utbe' jatlhmo'. 8 vaj nuvpu'vam tIrurQo'; Dochmey
boghajnISbogh Sovmo' vavra', Qun botlhobchoHpa'.
9 QunvaD SujatlhtaHvIS, mu'mey veb tIjatlh: >
chalmeyDaq SoHtaHbogh vavma''e',
ngay' ghajjaj ponglIj;
10 qaSjaj wo'lIj;
chalDaq qaS chaballIj, 'ej jaSHa' tera'Daq qaSjaj;
11 DaHjaj, maHvaD tIr ngogh wIghajnISbogh yInob;
12 'ej woghtaHvIS latlhpu', DIqeHHa'; jaSHa' ghoqeHHa', mawoghtaHvIS;
13 'ej wItlhu'moHlu' 'e' yIchaw'Qo', 'ach 'ongwI' wIjunmeH, ghotoD,
wo'lIj HoSlIj ngay'lIj je bIH wo''e' HoS'e' ngay''e' je, qaStaHvIS
vatlh DIS poHmey Hoch. teHbej. <

14 woghtaHvIS nuvpu', nuvpu'vam boqeHHa'chugh, vaj lIqeHHa' je chal
vavlI'; 15 'ach woghtaHvIS nuvpu', nuvpu'vam boqeHHa'be'chugh, vaj
lIqeHHa'be' je vavlI'.

16 'op Soj Sarmey boSopbe'taHvIS, HoQwI'pu' tIDaQo'. 'op Soj Sarmey
Sopbe'taHvIS HoQwI'pu', ta'chaj tlhojlu'meH, 'IQchoH HoQwI'pu',
qabDu'chaj Say'moHbe' 'ej 'IH'eghmoHbe'; tlhIHvaD vItna' vIjatlh: >
popchaj luHevpu' HoQwI'pu'vam .< 17 'ach, 'op Soj Sarmey
DaSopbe'taHvIS, nachlIjDaq taS le' yIngoH, 'ej qablIj yISay'moH, 18
'ej ta'lIj tlhojbe'lu'meH, Ho'DoSvam yIpab. 'ach, ta'lIj legh Daqmey
pegh leghbogh vavlI', 'ej tlhopDaq SoHvaD poplIj nob Daqmey pegh
leghbogh vavlI'.

19 tera'Daq, tlhIHvaD qengHoDmey tIyIrQo'. tera'Daq, qengHoDmey
ngabmoHchu' raghmoHbogh ghew ghargh je. pa' lu'el nIHwI'pu', 'ej
qengHoDmey nIH; 20 'ach, chalDaq tlhIHvaD qengHoDmey tIyIr. pa',
qengHoDmey ngabmoHbe' raghmoHbogh ghew ghargh je, 'ej pa' lu'elbe'
nIHwI'pu', 'ej nIHbe' nIHwI'pu'. 21 qengHoDraj DaqDaq 'oHtaH

22 porgh wovmoHwI' 'oH mIn'e'. vaj, pIvchugh mInlIj, boch porghlIj
Hoch; 23 'ach, mIghchugh mInlIj, Hurgh porghlIj Hoch. Hurghchugh
qoDlIj tamghay, vaj vItlhqu' HurghtaHghachlIj.

24 cha' joH toy'laH pagh; wa' muS 'ej latlh muSHa', pagh wa' laj 'ej
latlh lajQo'. Qun botoy', pagh *mammon* botoy'; quqlaHbe' cha'

25 vaj tlhIHvaD jIjatlh: > yInraj boqeltaHvIS, rejmorghpu' tIDaQo',
Sojraj boqeltaHvIS; 'ej Sut'e' tuQbogh porghraj boSaHtaHvIS,
rejmorghpu' tIDaQo'. qa' Soj je lupatlhmoHlu'chugh, nIvbe''a' qa' ?
'ej porgh Sut je lupatlhmoHlu'chugh, nIvbe''a' porgh ? < 26 chal
bo'Deghmey tIlegh; tera' qoDDaq, raS'ISmey lanbe', yobbe', 'ej polmeH
pa'meyDaq polbe'. 'ach bo'Deghmeyvam je' chal vavlI'. tlhIH
bo'Deghmeyvam lupatlhmoHlu'chugh, SunIvbe''a' ? 27 yInDaj DISmeyvaD
wa' vI' wejmaH wa' 'uj chellaH'a' nuv ? vabDot nIDqu'chugh nuvvam,
ngoQvam ta'laH ? tlhIHDaq, ngoQvam ta'laHbogh wa nuv tu'lu''a' ? 28
'ej qatlh Sut boSaH ? yotlh 'InSongmey tIleghqu'. tInchoH, 'ach vumbe'
'ej nIqbe'. 29 tlhIHvaD jIjatlh > ngay'Daj Hoch 'aghtaHvIS *solomon*,
'InSongmeyvam rurlaHbe' Sutmey'e' Sutbogh *solomon*. < 30 'ej DaHjaj
taH yotlh magh, 'ach wa'leS vIncha'Daq polHa'lu'; maghvamvaD Sut 'IH
tuQqangmoHchugh Qun, vaj tlhIHvaD - Harqu'laHbe'wI'pu' -, Sut
nobqangqu'be''a' Qun ? 31 vaj, Sojraj Sutraj joq bowIvmeH SuwuqtaHvIS,
rejmorghpu' tIDaQo'; 32 Dochmeyvam neHqu' *jew*pu' chaHbe'bogh
nuvpu''e'. 'ach Dochmeyvam boghajnIS 'e' Sov chal vavlI'. 33 wa'DIch,
Qun wo' ruvDaj je boHevmeH Qun yItlhob, 'ej Hoch Dochmeyvam boHev je.
34 'ej jaj vebmo' rejmorghpu' tIDaQo', SaH'eghmo' jaj veb. yap Hoch
jaj Seng.

~ m. qunen'oS

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