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On Tue, 23 Jul 2019 at 02:35, Christopher Kidder-Mostrom <cokidder at gmail.com>

> I thought there may be two options on the Hut'on naming ...
> 1) This could be a name pun.  Was there someone named Hutton (Timothy?
> Lauren?) involved in a project with the word Bite in the title?  Was
> someone named Hutton involved in early computer engineering?  I don't have
> an answer here.  But, there are a number of other name puns ("Hook" is
> derived from the actor who played the captain in the original Broadway
> production of "Peter Pan").  Perhaps this is an avenue to persue.

Here's your answer to the pun pair behind {San'on} and {Hut'on}:

> 2) in the Klingon's olden days base three mathematics, might their byte
> have been 9, rather than 8 bits?

I was thinking the same.

(Why not both?)

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