[tlhIngan Hol] How would you express "root of a tree" ?

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On Mon, 15 Jul 2019 at 13:47, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:

> imdb yIpoj.
> check imdb.
> frack mu' lo'taH battlestar galactica, 'ej tv-14 'oH patlhDaj..
> battlestar galactica, used continuously the word "frack", and it was
> appropriate for audiences over the age of 14..

chIch DayajHa'ba'taH.

jIjatlhqa': Qutbe' mu'mey. Qut lo'lIj. «ngagh» DamughmeH "frack"
DaghItlhDI', mu' Qut DaHechbogh Sovlu'chu'.

In English so it's clear: what's vulgar isn't the words themselves. It's
your usage.

How many times in Battlestar Galactica does someone use the word "frack" to
refer to actual sexual intercourse, suddenly and completely out of context
in a situation where they're talking about something completely unrelated?
The issue isn't the *word* {ngagh} or the *word* "frack": the issue is that
you're using the word *as a vulgarity*.

> vaj, 'o qeylIS ! frack mu' vIjatlhpu' !
> so, oh qeylIS ! I said the frack word !
> naDev, 'op puq tu'lu', 'ej wa'maH loS DIS ben boghpu'be !
> I offended the other children here, who're under 14 years old !

I started studying Klingon as a teenager, though I think I only joined the
mailing list later. But there are, in fact, younger people who may read
this mailing list.

How many people read this mailing list, see hostile or vulgar messages, and
decide not to participate because they don't want to interact with what
they see? I'm not singling you out: as you said, I also pointed out the
section of the FAQ about vulgar language to SuStel. The rule about
vulgarity is there for a reason: to maintain the list as a welcoming
environment for the largest number of people.

I think the list has at least a few lurkers, who would participate more if
there were fewer arguments and other off-putting behaviour from list

'ej safe sex mu'mey QoytaHvIS 'op nuvpu', ngugh qaS lot ! 'InSep QanwI'mey
> qelnISmo'..
> vaj, teenager ghaHtaHvIS nuv'e', not aids junmeH ghojmoHlu'..
> And because the idea of a condom is offensive, no teenager should be
> taught about safe sex..

If you want to write a post about safe sex, and use {ngagh}, {qey'Hav},
{'InSep}, and so on, in a clinical, medical way, as one would write an
information pamphlet directed at teenagers, I promise you no one will tell
you that it's vulgar. (In fact, I challenge you to write such a post.)

If you want to complain about something in Klingon, and pepper your Klingon
text with swear words, I promise you no one will tell you that it's
inappropriate for this mailing list, even if you provide an English
translation where the Klingon swear words are translated as "frack" in the
manner of Battlestar Galactica.

The *words themselves* are not why your posts are vulgar.

> pathetic..

wejpuH indeed. You're clearly deliberately pretending to misunderstand.

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