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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, July 13, 2019

Klingon word: chab
Part of speech: noun
Definition: pie, tart, dumpling, invention (slang), innovation (slang)

(SuStel, 7/10/2004):  At a qep'a' a few years ago, we asked Marc Okrand about this, and he said that {chab} would work for this. The word means any baked bread or crust sort of food. So, doughnuts are {chab}, turnovers are {chab}, and pizza is {chab}. Mince pie would be {chab}. Bagels are {chab} […]  {chab} doesn't equal bread. Don't expect your audience to know what kind of {chab} you mean unless you say it. You may be talking about a hamburger bun, but I'm going to wonder why you're putting meat into your apple turnovers.

Lieven, from qepHom 2015:
  MO:  {chabHom} is fine as a general term for a cookie (food). A {bIQyIn}
       is a specific type of {chabHom} that's sort of two {chabHommey} stuck
       together. They're on top of each other, like a sandwich.

(KGT 21-22):  {chab chu'} (literally, "new pie") is another way to say new invention or latest innovation. This is no doubt because the Krotmag pronunciation of {chab} (pie) is {cham}, the same as the word for technology. 

(MO to Lieven, 11/15/2010):  While thinking about food, [Maltz] added that the word for bread is {tIr ngogh}.

(MO to Lieven, qepHom 2017):  When you cut your bread and the crumbs fall out (like snow), you use the verb {peD}. … During explaining, it seemed like the bread is the subject of {peD}, but also the bread crumbs themselves.


  GUL OCETT:      The Yridian who sold us the information claimed that
       the program would yield the key to an unlimited power source. 
  CAPT PICARD:   But until we assemble it, we will never know its
  GUL OCETT:       He's right. As far as we know, it might just be a
       recipe for biscuits. 
  CAPT NU'DAQ:  Biscuits? If that is what you believe, then go back to
       Cardassia.  I will send you my mother's recipe.   (TNG "The Chase")

chabHom 		cookie
'Iwchab 		blood pie
   ro'qegh'Iwchab 		rokeg blood pie
pItSa' chab 		pizza 

bIQyIn  			cookie sandwich (made from two cookies with
			  something between them (qepHom 2015) 
tIq Hom 		dim sum
tIr 			grain
tIr ngogh 		bread
tIr ngogh QaD  		toast
   Ha'DIbaH ghIH tIr ngogh je 	burger TNK

*jInjoq 			type of bread (DeCandido, KRAD)
*QeplaH 		"a hearty meat-filled dumpling"
     {mu' ru'} coined by Howard Wolowitz during a game of Klingon Boggle 
     ("The Panty Pinata Polarization" [The Big Bang Theory, 11/10/2008])

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