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Klingon word: 'elpI'
Part of speech: noun
Definition: serving platter

(KGT 99):  Each dish [{nay'}] is brought to the table ({raS}) on a platter ({'elpI'}), usually made of metal. The food is arranged not haphazardly but in a way that helps the food look appealing. For example, in some dishes, pieces are placed with the veins clearly visible so that the blood still inside them can be seen. A diner transfers a portion to his or her plate ({jengva'}, though the plural form is {ngop} [plates]), if one is available, by simply grabbing the desired quantity of food with a hand. If the {'elpI'} (serving platter) is not close by, it is quite acceptable to just reach across the table or to walk around the table to a more convenient position. If necessary, two hands may be used to break off ({wItlh}) a slab of the desired fare.

(KGT 125):   The scoop ({bo'Dagh}) in the phrase is the implement used to remove food from the pot in which it was prepared and place it on a serving platter. This is hardly a delicate operation, so scooping with a {bo'Dagh} entails transferring as much food as possible on each trip from pot to platter. Using a big scoop ({bo'Dagh'a'}) would imply transferring even greater quantities of food, perhaps more than the serving plate can handle.

(KGT 102):  The person taking the order [in a {Do Qe'}, i.e. a fast food restaurant] is, in this case, called not a {jabwI'} (server) but, instead, a {tebwI'} (filler), presumably because he or she fills a platter ({'elpI'}) with the requested food.

PUN: "platter" is DJ (disc jockey) slang for a LP (long-playing) vinyl record

jengva' 		plate (singular) (n)
ngop 		plates (plural) (n)

Duq  		bowl (small, for eating from) (n)
maHpIn  	bowl (large, for serving food) (n)

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