[tlhIngan Hol] pseudo-Klingon words from the paq'batlh

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Thu Jul 4 08:38:31 PDT 2019


maSol vIneHbe'; jIDoy'qu'. meqvammo', Hoch QInlIj 'ay'mey vIpojbe'.
vIpoj net jalchugh, vaj qaSqa' ghe''or 'e' Sov qeylIS. 'ej ghu'vam

I don't want to argue; I'm tired. So, I won't reply for eveything you
wrote. Because if I did, then (again) hell would break loose.

'ach, wa' Doch DaghItlhpu'bogh vIpojnIS:
but I need to reply for something you wrote:

> Before I respond, poQ means "demand" in the sense of "require, necessitate"
> (and I hope that's not genuinely reflective of the attitude you take towards requests
> to Marc). You need tlhob here, which is "ask (for), request"

teH; {poQ} vIghItlh 'e' vIHechbe'. {tlhob} vIghItlh 'e' vIHech.
pa'logh, jIghItlhpu': not 'oqranD vIghompu', 'ach law'bogh mu'mey
vItlhobpu'bogh peSta'. meqvammo', tlho'na'wIj ghaj 'oqranD, 'ej
vIvuvqu'. 'ej 'oqranD vIvuvqu'mo', HolDaj vIghoj.

True. I didn't intend to write {poQ}; {tlhob} was my intention. In the
past, I've written, that although I've never met Okrand in person,
he's granted many words I've requested, and for that, he has my
sincere gratitude. Of course I respect Okrand, and because I respect
him, I'm learning his language.

DaH, jIQIj'eghchu'pu' ?
Now, am I clear ?

naDev, Do'Ha'bej qaStaHbogh ghu'.. maghomchuq net jalchugh, vaj
ghaytan juppu' DImoj, 'ej wa'vaD SaHtaHvIS latlh, QuchchoH Hoch. 'ach,
motlh, maghItlhtaHvIS, qaS wanI' taQ.. maHIvchuqqangtaH. naDev
maghItlhtaHvIS, nu'el devil ? jIyajlaHbe', 'ej mu'meyvam
jIghItlhtaHvIS jI'Il.

What is taking place here, is a really unfortunate.. If we were to
meet each other in person, it's almost certain, everyone would become
friends, and enjoy each other's company. But while we're writing, the
creepy reality which actually manifests, is being ready to tear each
other apart, as if suddenly we're being possessed by the devil. Why ?
In all honesty, I can't understand this.

Hol rap wImuSHa', 'ej boqwI'pu' maHlaw' jay'..
We're supposed to be on the same fracking side..

~ hjhjkkjh

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