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Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Tue Jul 2 07:18:12 PDT 2019

We do have a word for anoint, sort of... {ngoH} "smear":

(KGT 80-81):  What the Federation would classify as a painting - that is, a {nagh beQ} featuring an image not carved into it but painted onto it - is made by applying {rItlh} [pigment, paint, dye] … The verb {ngoH}, meaning "smear" in other contexts, is used for "paint using fingers".

According to my notes the KBTP (Klingon Bible Translation Project, the predecessor of the RTTP)  has used *{ngoHlu'wI'} for Christ, i.e. "the anointed one".

In addition to {tlhagh} we also have {ngIS} "a lubricant used on disruptor cannons" was used in Keith DeCandido's novel "Honor Bound" though I don't know if this one was approved by Okrand.  (It certainly sounds like one of Okrand's puns:  {ngIS} < "grease".)

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From: Luciano Montanaro

I don't know about Jesus, but "Christ" comes from some Greek for, er, greased. Well "anointed" is probably a better word in this context, but in the end, it means oil is applied to someone.

I thought that would help, but I cannot find a word for oil, the closer is {tlhagh}, but it's "animal fat" not nice olive oil. So I find myself stuck as well.

Maybe I will spend one of my points or two to ask for words for oil/grease and "to grease"/apply oil.
In Italian the word for "ungere" is used both in culinary/mechanic context, and in the sense of "anoint".

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