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Tue Jul 30 08:12:54 PDT 2019

Klingon word: ya
Part of speech: noun
Definition: tactical officer
Source: TKD (114 KE, 156 EK)

ya ghaH qImlaq Sogh'e' 
Lieutenant K'mlak is the tactical officer.  (KGT)

(KGT 53):  There are a number of words employed to describe the specific functions performed by officers on a ship, but none of these is used as a title. For example, the science officer is the {QeDpIn}, the communications officer is the {QumpIn}, the weapons officer is the {nuHpIn}, the engineering officer is the {jonpIn}, the tactical officer is the {ya}, and the helmsman is the {DeghwI'}. It is not correct, however, to say {qImlaq ya} (Tactical Officer K'mlak). On the other hand, one might say, {ya ghaH qImlaq Sogh'e'} (Lieutenant K'mlak is the tactical officer).

PUN:  "Yar" (Tasha Yar, Enterprise-D security officer)

ya De'wI'  		tactical computer (n)
ya patmey  		tactical systems (n)

Qu' vu'wI' yaH 		Mission Ops [station on bridge] (n)
Qu' vu'wI' 		[operations officer,  ops boss?] (n)

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