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Thanks for the corrections.  I actually did have both of them listed as hypothetical forms (i.e. tagged with an asterisk) and didn’t know Maltz had vetted them.

As for why {mI’ tej} appears with an anomalous space – or being Trek should I say a spatial anomaly? – while {mI’QeD} does not, my instincts tell me it’s probably a typo.  The only other words with a space are {Hov leng QeD} “Treknology” and {DI'ruj QeD} “metaphysics”, perhaps because the former derives from a two word phrase {Hov leng} and the latter may not be considered a science in the modern technological sense but more a specialized field of study, rather like {Hov leng QeD} actually.

Before the new vocabulary from qep’a’ 2019 I might have suggested {DI’ruj QeD} has a space because it’s derived from a two-syllable word {DI’ruj} “reality”, but {roSqa'QeD} and {tamlerQeD} put paid to that idea.

BTW were there any other items from Klingon Blockly (which I don’t remember hearing before)?

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As far as I know, the only Okrandian {tejpu’} are:
Hovtej                  astronomer
mI' tej                  mathematician
quntej                  historian
yuQtej                  geographer
'otlhtej                 someone who studies quantum mechanics.
… while there are many more official {QeDmey}:
HolQeD                linguistics
Hov leng QeD     “Treknology”
HovQeD               astronomy
HuchQeD            economics
nughQeD            sociology
porghQeD           the scientific study of bodily functions
DI'ruj QeD           metaphysics
HapQeD              physics
no'QeD                genealogy
rayQeD                genetics
roSqa'QeD          archaeology
tamlerQeD          chemistry
yuQQeD              geography
'otlhQeD             quantum mechanics,  quantum theory

Your list appears to be missing {qunQeD}, revealed at the same time as {quntej}, and {mI'QeD}, which appeared in Klingon Blockly in 2014 and which Okrand approved. (The revelation of {mI' tej} assumes {mI'QeD}, although weirdly, {mI' tej} was written with a space despite {mI'QeD} not having one, and {'otlhtej} appears in the same booklet without a space as well.)

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