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> As far as I know, the only Okrandian {tejpu’} are:
> Hovtej                  astronomer
> mI' tej                  mathematician
> quntej                  historian
> yuQtej                  geographer
> 'otlhtej                 someone who studies quantum mechanics.
> … while there are many more official {QeDmey}:
> HolQeD                linguistics
> Hov leng QeD     “Treknology”
> HovQeD               astronomy
> HuchQeD            economics
> nughQeD            sociology
> porghQeD           the scientific study of bodily functions
> DI'ruj QeD           metaphysics
> HapQeD              physics
> no'QeD                genealogy
> rayQeD                genetics
> roSqa'QeD          archaeology
> tamlerQeD          chemistry
> yuQQeD              geography
> 'otlhQeD             quantum mechanics,  quantum theory

Your list appears to be missing {qunQeD}, revealed at the same time as
{quntej}, and {mI'QeD}, which appeared in Klingon Blockly in 2014 and which
Okrand approved. (The revelation of {mI' tej} assumes {mI'QeD}, although
weirdly, {mI' tej} was written with a space despite {mI'QeD} not having
one, and {'otlhtej} appears in the same booklet without a space as well.)

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