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> On Tuesday, 23 July 2019 11:44:07 BST mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> > I was wondering this for {'nger}. Is this in-keeping with the known
> klingon
> > phonology ?
> Typo. Probably the qaghwI' that fell off {'achler}, so we are told. It's
> just
> a confirmation for the existing word {nger} from TKD.

What's the confirmation? That the word {nger} is both the colloquial word
for "theory" and *also* used in science for a scientific theory? Or that
it's *only* the scientific word for theory?

btw the only info I had on {nger} previously was this message from Okrand
(posted to the KLI mailing list, Apr. 30, 2015):

--- begin quote ---
The Big Bang -- meaning the start of the universe -- is, as you
once hypothesized, {qa'vam}, the word used by Klingons for the Genesis
device.  {qa'vam} is perhaps best defined as "origin of everything" or
"start of it all" or the like.  Maltz said you could say {qa'vam nger}
"Big Bang Theory," but he thought that was weird -- the start of it
all isn't a theory, he said -- it's just the start of it all.  If one
thinks the start of it all was a big explosion and that's a theory,
then {qa'vam nger} could mean "the theory of how everything began,"
but the Klingon phrase doesn't contain the notion of explosion.  For
the TV Show -- whether to translate it or use the English -- that's up
to you.
--- end quote ---

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