[tlhIngan Hol] New Words and Grammar Points from qep'a' cha'maH javDIch

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> The new words from qep'a' 26 have been posted to the KLI website.
> New Words: https://www.kli.org/about-klingon/new-klingon-words/date/
> The words that came from the chabal tetlh have links back to the original
> requests in case clarification is needed. Dr. Okrand was sent the whole
> request including the comments.
> Grammar Points & SImyon scale reference:
> https://www.kli.org/activities/qepmey/qepa-chamah-javdich/qepa-chamah-javdich-canon/

I have a few questions:
* If {qalmuS} means "color", how is this reconciled with the note on KGT
p.81 that Klingons have no noun for "color"?
* How does one explicitly refer to positive numbers? {DopHa'}?
* What is {lal} in the example for {tIr}?
* How does one use {rev}?
* What does *{roSqa'} mean in {roSqa'QeD}, if anything?
* What does {no'laS} mean, if anything?

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